Critic Match

4.4 ( 7334 ratings )
Narzędzia Rozrywka
Desenvolvedor: Chris Benoit

Critic Match is an app that matches you with a real movie critic who best shares your taste in movies!

By giving you a number of easy and fun ways to rate movies, it compares your ratings of movies to the ratings of hundreds critics for those same movies, ultimately providing you a ranked list of critics you should follow, including a top Critic Match!

Things are kept very simple, no need for long reviews or deciding whether or not a movie deserves that extra half-star, its either "like" or "dislike". You can track how your tastes change by continuing to provide feedback to the app as you watch more movies, and you may find that you start to match up better with different critics over time.

There are many movies released each year, yet few of us have the time to see everything and judge each one for ourselves. By figuring out your Critic Match, you can have a better guide to which movies are worth checking out, and which arent worth seeing.


- Use MovieFlow to browse through generated lists of movies including ones in the box office, ones available for rental, and a special curated list of highly divisive movies that people seem to either love or hate!
- Search for specific movies to rate
- Optionally flag certain movies as "pivotal" to lend greater relevance to certain ratings
- View poster art, descriptions and cast information of all movies
- View detailed, curated information about movie critics such as websites, Top 10 lists, and twitter accounts
- Data provided by the Rotten Tomatoes API powered by Flixster!